Simply Sweet boasts Buffalo’s best gluten-free baked goods

there is no doubt that Simply Sweet of WNY boasts Buffalo’s best gluten-free baked goods.

Simply Sweet is my favorite bakery in Buffalo for a few reasons:

  • simplysweet logoIt’s locally owned and operated by a wonderful woman, Cindy Slomowitz.
  • It has the best gluten-free pasta I’ve ever found: Pappardelle’s.
  • They sell rugelach. (Not every day, but when requested. Piece of advice: go there and request it. It is a gift from the heavens above.)
  • They sell a ton of other locally made, gluten-free, products.

I first chatted with Cindy Slomowitz, in January 2014.

At the time, her bakery was a just a dream. Flash forward just 15 months later; Cindy now owns one of Buffalo’s most popular gluten-free bakeries.

simply sweet5I caught up with her to find out what it’s been like starting her own business, how the community has responded to her products and what you can look forward to enjoying during your next visit to the bakery.

Q: Cindy, last time we spoke you were just starting the process of opening up your bakery. I’m curious to hear how the process was of opening up your own brick and mortar shop compared to what you were doing before by selling your product to local retailers?

A: It has definitely been a learning experience to say the least! Opening the brick and mortar part of the bakery was the easy part.

Once I selected the equipment I wanted and designed the layout and interior of the bakery, I just turned it all over to my husband, Ken, who took it from there. He has been, and still is, my biggest supporter.

simply sweet2Learning the process of baking for day-to-day retail sales as opposed to baking for a one day farmers market had a bit of a learning curve. There are so many thing that come in to play: how much variety, quantity because of shelf life, display, storage, specialty items, the list goes on.

Sometimes it is still a guessing game! It has been almost a year, but I think we have done a good job of always having a variety of delicious gluten-free items that people are really enjoying.

Q: When did you officially open?

A: We officially opened last year the week of Mothers Day, so our one year anniversary is coming up!

simply sweet4Q: How has business been? Have you seen the foot traffic or brand awareness increase throughout the last year?

A: Business had been really good. We still see a lot of new customers every week, so I know that people are out there talking about us and that is a good sign. I think word of mouth is one of the best ways to advertise.

Just coming up on our anniversary we have close to 3,500 Facebook likes; I think that is great!  Checking out our page is the best way to see what we have going on day-to-day. I post daily pictures of things we are offering that week. We are till trying to get a handle on Instagram and Twitter.

Q: What’s your favorite part of owning your own business? Was there anything that surprised you or opened your eyes about being a business owner?

simply sweet7A: My favorite part of owning a business is the customers.

We truly have some wonderful people who come in and share their tale of woe or triumph over eating gluten-free.

Customers thank me continuously for doing what I do, opening this bakery, and sometimes even have tears in their eyes because they are so happy, is the best part for me.

Q: What’s your personal favorite product that you make?

Cindy, owner of Simply Sweet

Cindy, owner of Simply Sweet

A: A favorite item is hard for me to pick because I truly enjoy baking and we make so many great items!

Since your making me choose, I still think my Chocolate Chip Cookie is still my favorite any time of day, with a close second to our Brownie if I am craving chocolate!

Q: What’s your most popular or best-selling product that you make?

A: We have a few, I have learned that we can never be without Black & White Cookies, Brownies, Coconut Macaroons, and Cranberry Bliss Cookies.

Q: Yum! I love the coconut macaroons. So, I know that you sell more than just Simply Sweet products. What’s your favorite product (that you don’t make) that you sell in the bakery?

simply sweet6A: My favorite product that I sell that I do not make is Brian’s Best Buns. They are truly the best sandwich bun on the market, and since I have opened I have sold several hundred bags.

I carry them in gluten-free Whole Grain, Mock Rye, and dairy-free/gluten-free Whole Grain. They come in two sizes, regular sandwich size, or “Baby Buns” dinner roll size.

Q: I love Brian’s Best Buns and am so happy that you sell them! Until you did, the only place I knew I could get them would be brunch (or lunch) at Betty’s on Virginia. What made you decide to sell products outside of your own brand in the bakery?

simply sweet3A: When I opened the bakery I decided I wanted to offer other gluten-free products that I did not make that are either produced gluten-free or are naturally gluten-free to help promote and support other business that started out just like mine, in the kitchen of their own home.

Brian’s Best Buns, Moxie Bars, Donna’s Pepper Jelly and Jams, Public Coffee are all locally made. I am always on the look out for new products.

Q: Is there anything that I should keep my eyes (or appetite) open for, such as the introduction of new products? Or is there anything you’d like to share with the audience?

A: We are constantly getting requests for bread, so we will soon be offering sandwich bread and par-baked pizza crust.

My latest product introduction that has taken off very well is Buttermilk Biscuits that you take home and bake.

In closing, I would like to let everyone know that we can make a variety of custom cakes and desserts, and most of them can be made dairy-free as well if need be. Just give us at least 48 hours notice for your special order!

simply sweet1There’s no doubt that Simply Sweet has one of the largest varieties of gluten-free, locally made products available in the region.

I highly recommend making it a point to stop in sometime over the next month to try out one of her products. You’ll be blown away by the quality and consistency.

Gluten-free or not, I promise that you won’t leave disappointed.


Simply Sweet makes gluten-free, good

The quantity and variety of gluten-free products increases with each passing day.

According to the Gluten-Free Agency, sales in the gluten-free category are expected to reach $5.5 billion by 2015, and over 15 percent of consumers eat gluten-free as part of a healthy lifestyle, not just due to dietary restrictions.

The production of gluten-free foods is becoming more commonplace as the gluten-free diet becomes increasingly trendy.

simply9Mixed feelings abound in regard to the gluten-free diet fad, especially among those who suffer from Celiac disease, as the diet’s trendiness has both disadvantaged and benefited those forced to adhere to the gluten-free diet.

On the downside, the gluten-free trend has led some retailers to introduce sub-par products into the market just to ensure they don’t miss the opportunity to attract an expanding group of consumers.

On the upside, the demand for gluten-free products is higher than ever which has led to a wide selection of high-quality products to choose from.

It can even be seen in our own backyard, as Buffalo boasts an abundance of restaurants both knowledgeable and accommodating of the gluten-free diet.

Similarly, through the quality of their products, local start-ups are beginning to prove that when it comes to gluten-free, there’s no need to settle.

Gluten free doesn’t have to mean anything other than free of gluten.

simply4While running errands around Buffalo last year, I discovered a start-up that was sweetening the community by baking a wide variety of gluten-free delicacies that can be found at local markets.

During a visit to Spot Coffee, I discovered Simply Sweet Of WNY. Posted up right by the counter, the basket of gluten-free cookies sang to me and I ended up inhaling an oatmeal cookie before my coffee was ready.

In January 2014, I chatted with Cindy Slomovitz of Simply Sweet of WNY to find out how she got started, what products she makes and where you can go to indulge in the plethora of gluten-free sweets that she makes.
*Note: this interview was conducted in 2014; stay tuned for an updated interview!

Q: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. As you can see from my blog, I’m a big advocate for the gluten-free community so I’m excited to have the chance to learn more about your business.

A: My pleasure, Julia. I actually went online and read your posts and learned about some new places which I have never heard about, like Merge! I love learning about new gluten-free businesses, so it’s been great to read your series.

simply5Q: So, my first question is pretty obvious: do you personally suffer from Celiac disease?

A: I found out that I was gluten-intolerant when I came across an article in a women’s health and cooking magazine. Since I’m a foodie, I picked it up and immediately was like “that’s me, I have those symptoms.” I started following the diet and within 10 days of eliminating gluten from my diet, I started feeling better. I haven’t eaten gluten for the last six years.

Q: Since Celiac is an auto-immune disease, everyone’s symptoms manifest themselves differently. I personally suffer from debilitating stomach pain (like someone is stabbing my lower abdomen,) but my mom just gets a runny nose. How do you react when eating gluten?

simply7A: It’s so true! I think that’s part of the reason why it’s hard to diagnose…because everyone responds differently. I started having some intestinal issues, bad joint pain and dental issues as well. I wasn’t feeling well and when I started researching the symptoms, I saw that they tied together. Once I stopped eating gluten, the problems disappeared. I no longer had joint pain and literally felt 10 years younger!

Q: Wow. It’s always interesting for me to her how differently people react despite having the same intolerance. But onto more positive things like your business; when did you start, and why?

A: I started my business about one year ago. I’m of Polish descent so everything revolves around food; it’s all, “What are you going to make and bring for the family dinner?” I also love to cook, so after I had a pity party for myself after coming home from Wegmans and trying the gluten-free pre-made products, I told myself there’s got to be a way to do this.

simplysweet logoI started researching, reading, baking and testing recipes. Through the years, I got good at it. I would cook for friends and family and nobody would know that it was gluten-free. My husband finally convinced me to take things to the next level. He’s a business owner. He has a business background so he handles the business and I do the baking. I felt like just because we have to eat this way, we shouldn’t be deprived.

Q: I couldn’t agree more. So, would you say that is your mission?

A: I guess I would say that my mission is that I want us (America) to get over the idea that just because something isn’t made with wheat flour, doesn’t mean it can’t taste good. I want people who need to eat this way to have as tasty a treat as those who don’t have to follow the gluten-free diet. It’s not fair that we have to settle for sub-standard treats.

simply6Q: Did any specific experience or person serve as the inspiration for you to start your business?

A: My inspiration came after starting the diet and trying a few different products in the market. The first time I ate a gluten-free bagel, I spit it right back out. Not only did it cost $7 for the bag, but it was the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. That was all the inspiration I needed; I decided that I’m not settling for this.

Then it was the support of my husband in telling me that my products were good and I could do it. I think that food is so celebratory; it brings people together. It’s comforting. Look at the weather we’ve been having; why shouldn’t I be able to have a warm piece of cornbread right out of the oven? That was my inspiration; my love of food and desire to provide other people with good food they can eat.

Q: You obviously love to cook and eat, so I’ve got to know: what products do you make, and how long did it take to come up with the recipes? I know that with gluten-free baking, recipe creation can be the most time consuming process.

A: I typically start with a basic recipe and tweak it from there to make it gluten-free. I mean, you can’t reinvent the chocolate chip cookie. I find recipes out there and adjust them by adding a flavor or replacing a flour. The whole science of baking gluten-free is hard because each product reacts differently, so it’s about trial and error.

simply3Q: Oh, completely. If you read my interview with Kyra Bussanich, you get a good feel for how much effort is required just to make a flour blend.

A: I just bought her cookbook! It’s wonderful! I made the peanut butter truffle bars; they were like a rice krispy treat with peanut butter cream topping and dark chocolate. It was delicious! Anything with peanut butter is a winner for me.

Q: So, how many products do you make? Or is it hard to say since you like to play around in the kitchen?

A:  I have a basic core which includes about about eight different kinds of cookies: chocolate chip, oatmeal, cranberry, granola, sugar, peanut butter, a double chocolate chip and a half-and-half cookie which is made by combining a scoop of double chocolate chip cookie dough with a scoop of the peanut butter cookie dough. So, cookies are my basis. I also make granola, brownies and crumb cake.

Q: Mmm, I’m getting hungry. Since you’re the chef, I’m curious to know what your personal favorite product is that you make?

A: That’s tough, I have so much. I was thinking about that and I think the hardest thing for me to resist when baking and pulling it out of the oven is my chocolate chip cookies. I try not to eat them so much because it’s like my waist line—I bake everyday—but they are delicious.

simply8Q: That sounds great. So, now that I’m starving, where can I go to find your products, locally?

A: I have a few different locations that I sell to. I deliver to Spot Coffee’s main kitchen on Hertel, and they distribute it out to their various locations. I sell my granola at Lexington Co-Op and also sell a variety of products at Farmers and Artisans. I sell a variety of products at Mazurek’s Bakery; the types of products vary by the week but they’re usually always cookies.

Finally, I make treats that I serve at Horsefeathers Winter Market. I’m there every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It has everything from my gluten-free products to meat, cheese, dog treats, fruits, vegetables. It’s a fun thing to do in the city on a Saturday morning.
*Click here for the complete list of Simply Sweet’s locations.

Q: What would you say is the most popular product? Do you happen to know which one flies off the shelves fastest?

simply2A: There’s really no way to know. There were three weeks in a row when I sold out of granola, then the next week I brought extra and nobody bought a bag (chuckles). It’s different every time. But whatever I’m sampling, I sell out of every time. I’ve found that once people sample it, they’re hooked on it.

Q: It sounds like things are going really well, which must be very exciting. Do you have any plans to expand to sell in more locations?

A: I am hoping to expand in the upcoming months and have contacted a few different stores which I hope to hear back from within the next month. I also plan to open a Simply Sweet bakery! The exact location is still to be determined, but I can tell you that it will be in the Village of Williamsville.

Q: That’s a great sign! So, one final question: is there any message or anything you’d like to share with the gluten-free eaters or readers of the blog series about your business?

simply1A: I have so many ideas and things that I want to share with people who have to eat this way. I mostly want to share that the reason I continue to grow Simply Sweet is to make sure that people who eat gluten free have a great place to come and enjoy delicious baked goods.


It’s clear to see that Cindy Slomovitz, the owner of Simply Sweet, feels passionately about providing local gluten-free eaters with treats that are delicious and healthy.

Stay tuned for a recent interview with Cindy which will showcase her newly opened bakery!

Kyra Bussanich: ‘Cupcakes Wars’ only GF winner

It’s 2005. You’re sitting in your car in the Wegmans parking lot crying because your doctor called to let you know that your blood work came back positive; you have Celiac disease.

You take a deep breath and glance at the grocery list which, except for broccoli, orange juice and rice, is now totally moot because everything on the list contains gluten.

kyra8You steady your resolve and head into the store to find something to eat that will work with the new diet you are about to adopt. After walking up and down the aisles reading labels for nearly an hour, you find about 10 products that are labeled “gluten-free.”

You buy the best-looking cookies, pasta and frozen bread you can find and leave the store ready to give this new gluten-free lifestyle a try.

You get home and rip open the bag of cookies only to find yourself spitting them into the sink and asking yourself, “Did I buy styrofoam?”

Flash forward to the present. Wegmans, like most other grocery stores, has a gluten-free aisle in almost every store.

A gluten-free equivalent exists for almost any product imaginable. I eat bread, pasta and ravioli regularly; I just have to make them myself.

Just because gluten-free products have become easier to locate, however, gluten-free baking is an entirely different story because it’s an art few have perfected.

I have had my fair share of experiments when it comes to baking gluten-free. I’ve tried to make muffins, cupcakes and brownies from scratch, and while a few of them were tolerable, others were dense, dry, flavorless or gummy.

krya3After numerous attempts (and subsequent failures), I came to the conclusion that I am clearly not the Picasso of gluten-free baking and that it’s probably best to not to quit my day job and instead, opt for packaged mixes.

I mean, who has time to bake from scratch anyway?

To learn more about gluten-free baking, I decided to reach out to three-time winner of Food Network’s hit show “Cupcake Wars” and owner of the award-winning bakery “Kyra’s Bake Shop”: pastry chef Kyra Bussanich.

Bussanich has not only mastered the art of gluten-free baking but she is also the first (and to date, only) gluten-free winner of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.”

Born and raised in Oregon, Kyra (pronounced “Keer-ah”) Bussanich was never a stranger to gluten intolerance.

“I always had stomach aches as a kid,” remarked Bussanich.

Kyra2Like many of us with gluten intolerance, however, Bussanich didn’t think much of her frequent stomach pains as a child.

During Bussanich’s childhood, Celiac didn’t have the attention or funding that it does now, making it (for the most part) an unknown, rarely diagnosed disease.

“It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I realized the pain was only getting worse,” remarked Bussanich. “It took about nine months of testing before I was diagnosed with Crohn’s at the age of 20.”

Unfortunately for Bussanich, the Crohn’s diagnosis did not mark the end of her pain.

“Even after my diagnosis, I still didn’t feel better. I was taking a list of prescribed medications to treat it, but they were unsuccessful,” Bussanich shared.

A few years later, Bussanich’s mother found herself struggling with similar stomach problems and decided to adopt a gluten-free diet which proved to be very successful.

Bussanich continued to suffer from regular stomach pains which hadn’t diminished despite years of taking various medications to treat her Crohn’s disease.

Kyra1Finally, after years of missed parties and social gatherings due to chronic and debilitating stomach problems, Bussanich adopted the gluten-free diet at the age of 28.

At this point in her life, Bussanich was still unsure as to what she wanted to do for a living.

She had always loved to bake as a kid and used to joke about one day owning a bakery, but it wasn’t until hearing her husband read a quote from Steve Jobs’ commencement address at Stanford University that the light bulb went off.

“My husband played Steve Jobs’ commencement speech and I just started to cry when he said the only way to do great work is to love what you do… I enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu the next day to follow my dream of being a pastry chef,” said Bussanich.

Bussanich embarked upon her journey at Le Cordon Bleu where, nine months later, she graduated with honors despite not even being able to taste the products she made due to her gluten intolerance.

kyra5“I used to go home starving after classes and try to mimic what we learned using gluten-free ingredients,” remarked Bussanich.

Bussanich’s culinary training and education helped teach her how to effectively substitute ingredients without sacrificing taste. This formal education, paired with Bussanich’s creative thinking, resulted in some delicious recipes that were hard, if not impossible, to replicate.

“I wanted to learn the ways to successfully break the rules to make gluten-free pastries that taste delicious,” Bussanich said.

Soon after graduation, Bussanich opened up her own personal catering business while working at restaurants on the side.

“While I was working at various restaurants, I always wanted to make gluten-free dessert options to add to the menu,” Bussanich shared.

kyra7Just as she had done in pastry school, Bussanich would go home after work and perfect whatever gluten-free treat she had been dreaming up all day. Her expertise, creativity and bubbly personality are exactly what helped land her first job in catering.

“I was asked by my mom’s friend to make a gluten-free wedding cake and I jumped at the opportunity… Doing that wedding is what really got the ball rolling. People kept coming over to compliment me on the cake. They couldn’t believe that it was gluten-free,” said Bussanich.

It was at this wedding, her first event as a personal caterer, that Bussanich got her next job to cater a baby shower.

From there, her catering business snowballed through word of mouth and, soon enough, Bussanich was preparing her specialty baked goods for a number of events.

Her personal catering kitchen was booming and Bussanich was rapidly building a reputation for herself.

One night in 2010, as Bussanich was settled in at home watching “Cupcake Wars” on TV, her husband convinced her to apply to be on the show.

kyra6“I sent off a short paragraph about why I thought I would be good on the show, how I was different (baking entirely gluten-free, which they had never had before), and a few photos of myself and press clippings,” said Bussanich.

Bussanich’s gluten-free expertise and successful catering business earned her an invitation to appear on Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” for the December 2010 Tree Lighting episode.

Bussanich’s invitation to appear on “Cupcake Wars” marked a big step for those with Celiac, as she was the first gluten-free baker to appear on the show AND the first (and to date, only) gluten-free winner.

“Cupcake Wars” December 2010 Tree Lighting episode is where Bussanich made herself known. She received glowing reviews from judges who were blown away by her ability to produce such flavor and texture in her cupcakes without using gluten.

“The ‘Cupcake Wars’ judges were so impressed with the light and fluffy texture of the cupcakes,” gushed Bussanich.

“I started getting dozens of emails from people thanking me for showing the world that gluten-free baked goods don’t have to taste bad. They don’t even have to taste different,” Bussanich remarked proudly.

kyra9Bussanich’s stellar mixes and unique flavor combinations led her to place second in “Cupcake Wars” 2010 Holiday Tree Lighting episode.

“I was really only using word of mouth marketing for my catering business. Then came ‘Cupcake Wars.’ That’s when things really took off,” Bussanich remarked.

Bussanich’s personal catering business started growing so much after her appearance on “Cupcake Wars” that she decided to open up her own shop in May 2011.

From the first day it opened, “Kyra’s Bake Shop” was a success.

“I had lines out the door waiting for me on my first day. I thought I would work alone at the shop. I ended up hiring my first employees on the first day we opened,” Bussanich remarked.

Kyra’s Bake Shop offers an enormous selection of gluten-free delicacies ranging from brownies to bagels, cupcakes to cream puffs.

kyra10The shop is well-known for being a “must see” when visiting the Portland area — but don’t worry, many of the delicacies are available online and can be shipped right to your home.


Bussanich’s cupcake mixes are delectable and extremely easy to make. Just follow the directions on the back of the box and you’ll have some mouth-watering cupcakes within 30 minutes.

I whipped up a batch of Bussanich’s chocolate cupcakes and was blown away by the moist and light texture of the cupcakes, as well as the sweet but not too rich chocolatey flavor.

Worth noting is that the batter is quite runny, so don’t be alarmed when you see how thin it is. It’s that thinness that results in the cupcake’s moist and fluffy consistency.


Bussanich’s quality products have transformed her from a one-time “Cupcake Wars” competitor into a five-time challenger and three-time victor on the show.

Just a few months after opening her own bake shop in 2011 Bussanich was invited back for the 100th episode of “Cupcake Wars,” which would feature chefs who had appeared on the show before but had yet to win.

kyra11Bussanich’s prior experience on the show, paired with her ability to think on her feet, allowed her to approach the competition with greater confidence than her first time around.

“Cupcake Wars” had its first gluten-free winner in Bussanich that year.

“I had told myself after I won that if invited again, I would respectfully decline. I loved doing the show but it was pretty stressful… Then one day the phone rang and it was “Cupcakes Wars”, again. I was so honored that I couldn’t say no,” remarked Bussanich.

In May 2012, just one month after her first win, Bussanich appeared on “Cupcake Wars” for her third time to compete in the All-Star Cupcake Champions.

Bussanich showed up ready to dominate the semifinals of Cupcake Champions and that’s exactly what she did.

kyra12Bussanich’s third “Cupcake Wars” appearance in May 2012 marked her second win, landing her the “Madagascar 3” movie premiere.

“The premiere was a great experience which got me excited for the Cupcake Champions Finale,” remarked Bussanich.

One month later, in June 2012, Bussanich competed in the “Cupcake Champions Finale” episode where she took second out of 16 other champions.


Bussanich has been quite the busy baker since then. Her fifth (and most recent) appearance on “Cupcake Wars” aired in November 2013, marking her third win on the show.

Despite the attention she has received from her multiple appearances and victories on “Cupcake Wars,” Bussanich is still extremely humble and down to earth.

“It’s still surreal…seeing my name in print is like ‘oh my god,’” remarked Bussanich.

As the only gluten-free winner of “Cupcake Wars” to date, Bussanich has succeeded in squashing the notion that gluten-free desserts can’t compare to their gluten-containing doppelgangers.

kyra13“At least 40 percent of my customers don’t need to follow a gluten-free diet and I think it speaks to the quality of the products,” said Bussanich.

Bussanich showcases her expertise and creativity through her cookbook “Sweet Cravings: 50 Seductive Desserts for a Gluten-Free Lifestyle” which was released in early October 2013.

“I just love experimenting and playing around in the kitchen. I want to make good food, not just good gluten-free food. I want my food to be good and gluten-free. Not gluten-free and good,” said Bussanich.

Bussanich isn’t just known for her creativity behind the blender; she is also known for her enthusiasm, passion and willingness to share her story and knowledge with others.

kyra14I gathered a few of Bussanich’s best tips for gluten-free baking which I’m excited to be able to pass on to you:

  • Read labels: “You’d be surprised where gluten is hidden. If you read labels carefully, you’ll see that gluten is found in a number of products that you’d never think to check,” remarked Bussanich.
  • Let yourself experiment: “Lots of people are afraid to experiment with gluten-free flours since they are so expensive. Don’t be afraid to waste a cup of flour. Even if it means throwing away a little bit of a product to see what you like and to see what works together…you can’t be afraid to experiment,” Bussanich suggests.
  • Take your time: “You need patience. Take your time to let a mixture work; let the butter and sugar whip together to allow for some air to get in to the product for a light, fluffy texture,” urges Bussanich.
  • Never use just one flour: While Bussanich prefers Bob’s Red Mill products, she urges everyone to make their own blends. “Each pastry that I make has its own blend which constitutes a mix of different flours,” said Bussanich. “Never ever use just one kind of flour. You will never get the texture you want. Try using a starch and something that is higher in protein like millet flour,” suggests Bussanich.

While Bussanich attributes “Cupcake Wars” to some of her success, there’s no doubt that she has worked tremendously hard to carve out a name for herself as one of the nation’s best gluten-free pastry chefs.

Bussanich has showed the world through her bake shop, cookbook, blog posts and multiple appearances (and triumphs) on “Cupcake Wars” that gluten-free doesn’t have to mean bad or bland; it can be good.

In fact, “gluten-free” doesn’t have to mean anything other than free of gluten.