Gifting Policy

Thank you for considering Gluten-Free Good Neighbor to work with your company or brand.

I have dedicated a tremendous amount of energy, thought and love into this blog and my mission is to showcase high quality, honest content (and reviews) that I feel passionate about sharing with my readers.

While Gluten-Free Good Neighbor is not a for-profit blog, I do accept gifted products.

If you would like to offer me a free product, my policy is as follows:

Offers of gifted products:

  • I only accept items that I would purchase if they weren’t being offered for free.
  • I reserve the right to decide whether to feature a gifted item in a blog post; no guarantees and no returns on the products provided.
  • Posting about your product or service will happen in my own time frame.
  • Your item may be included in a regular feature such as “Product Reviews”.

If you think your brand would be a good fit with Gluten-Free Good Neighbor and my readership, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

I look forward to hearing from you!

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