Nuts for Nuttzo

I met Nuttzo in October.

I was in West Virginia at Revolution Why and Julia Hanlon, the blogoddess behind RunningOnOm, brought it for us to add to breakfast bowls, toast, whatever…

She brought multiple flavors, so I got to try all of them and was hooked.


What’s great about Nuttzo is everything:

  • It’s healthy: as in 1 gram of sugar, no added oil, non GMO and vegan. One serving gives you 12% of your daily fiber and it has Omega-3.
  • It’s gluten-free: notice, healthy and g-f are not (always) the same.
  • It’s a gift: proceeds of purchases go towards orphans and neglected children around teh world through Project Left Behind.
  • You can’t go wrong: every flavor rocks in it’s own way. The Seven Nut & Seed Butter (crunchy) has so much texture; it’s super filling, and I love that. I just ordered the chocolate one, because well, duh.

However if you love what most people think of when they hear “peanut butter,” the super smooth, sugary and slightly sweet tasting spread, you’re not going to find Nuttzo to be a replacement.

If you’re ready to switch away from that Nuttzo is the best alternative.

I especially enjoy it in breakfast bowls.

The breakdown of the best breakfast bowl I’ve ever made is*:
*don’t quote me on measurements because I don’t do that in the kitchen anymore

  • Bob’s red mill gluten-free oatmeal already cooked (1/2-1 cup)
  • gluten-free granola brand of choice (1 cup)
  • Nuttzo (4 tbsp)
  • crushed pecans (handful)
  • dried cranberries (handful)
  • sliced banana (1)
  • almond milk poured over

Do you have some kick ass gluten-free recipes to share with me?

Leave them in the comments below!


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