Healthy Sunday snack

Salad is one of my favorite snacks to make at home on a Sunday for a few reasons:

  1. IMG_6049I can eat as much as I want and not feel sick (or guilty)!
  2. I can throw whatever’s left in the fridge from the week right into it. Today, I had carrots, quinoa, edamame (leftover Japanese takeout!,) mozzarella, some sprouts and a small red pepper.
  3. It’s healthy. A colorful salad wil give you a decent amount of your daily recommended nutrients.
  4. I won’t regret it tomorrow when waking up early, and getting dressed, for work.

Next Sunday afternoon when you’re thinking about grabbing a bag of chips, or plate of wings, I urge you to think twice and just make yourself a little salad! 


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